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LAT Sat. 8/1 Barry C. Silk


What I liked best about this puzzle was the challenge; it was demanding and fair as Saturday puzzles usually are.  (Though I don't like uncommon foreign words in English puzzles: nict is okay; nie is not.)  There were two clever entries:

Place were customers are taken   CLIPJOINT [taken has two meanings]
Some small suits    SPEEDOS [bathing suits, that is]

And there were many that I found tough:

Tops   BETTERS [I was thinking tee shirts maybe because it intersects an "apparel" clue]
Peels   ZESTS [I wasn't thinking types of peels]
ConAgra spray   PAM [a brand name for greasing; I never heard of ConAgra]
Hood of "Our Gang" fame   DARLA [not famous to me]
Pakistani president   ZIA [never heard of him]
Internet annoyance   LAG [never thought of that, but it is annoying]
Product of a fault   QUAKE [I was thinking tennis]
Test in a chem lab   TITRATE [I knew of titer tests but not the verb form]
Apparel with insignias   BLAZERS [I was thinking Izod shirts, etc.]
Units of magnetic flux   WEBERS [I knew the scientist but not the term]
Filmmaker Clair   RENE [who?]
Haggis ingredient   OATMEAL [didn't know haggis]
Symbol seen in viola music   CCLEF [didn't know that either]
Least substantial   AIRIEST [makes sense but not immediately apparent]
Beyond stereo   QUAD [my surround sound system has five speakers; quad for a four-speaker system is new to me]
Nuremberg negative   NIE [I don't know German]
One of the "big four" record labels   EMI [I was unaware there were four and didn't know EMI]

Given what I didn't know, that I did this puzzle perfectly in ink with no write-overs shows that in Xwords it's not what you know but where you know.   :)


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