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LAT Wed. 7/29 Jerome Gunderson


The theme for today seemed to be two-word combinations each with double letters.  KIDDIEPOOL, RIBBONCUTTER, and RAZZLEDAZZLE fit that description.  But JOSHUATREE doesn't have two double letters.  So the actual theme is two-word combinations with at least one double letter.  Oh well.

By the way, what are the odds of having "Joshua Tree" find its way in two puzzles within a week?

I liked "Penthouse feature" for VIEW [I was thinking elevators] and "Car bar" for AXLE.

Magus- The theme is JOSH, RAZZ, RIB, and KID.

Yes, I see.  That's exactly what's wrong with covert themes: the cleverness of the constructor is often overlooked --- especially by dullards.

Thanks for setting me straight.     :)


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