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Printing puzzles as they appear in print


I recently made the jump to a New York Times premium crossword subscription.

I appreciate routine and consistency.  I thoroughly enjoy folding the newspaper perfectly and completing the puzzle with a blue Bic pen.

I have been downloading the puzzle, converting it to a pdf, and printing it out so the squares are the exact size of those in the newspaper.  Still, as the layout of the pdf puzzle is quite different from that of the newspaper's, things are still a bit off and I don't feel like myself.  The font is different, the puzzle is on the wrong side of the page - mayhem, essentially.  It would be nice to print the puzzle exactly (or as close) as it appears in print.  Any suggestions on how this could be achieved?

Try AcrossLite -- it has a lot of formatting options, and it's free.  You can download it here:


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