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LAT Sat. 7/25 Brad Wilber



Greet the visitors?   BOO [as in visiting team, not your guests. I thought "bow."]
Military brass?    BUGLES [not officers]
Prescription that might give you shakes?    LIQUIDDIET [diet shakes]
Head turner, at times    REIN [if you're a horse]
Where a pupil sits?   IRIS
Car tuning aid   RADIODIAL [It's in the car and it tunes; it doesn't tune as a sparkplug gap guage does.]
Lobby add-on    IST [not an add-on like, say, a closet]
Dedicated lines    ODE [odes are poetic lines singing one's praises]
One having an identity crisis?   AMNESIAC [not someone with angst]
Semi-colon?    DOT [literally the top half]

This was a toughy, for me.  I didn't know LUZON, UNH, REZA, DAU, QUEBECOIS, ORIBI, MATTBIONDI.  It took awhile, and was most enjoyable for its cleverness.


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