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LAT Fri. 7/24 David W. Cromer's Icky Puzzle



Like Chinese dishes, frequently    TOGO
Center of Cleveland?    ONEAL [the Cavaliers basketball center]
It's up to you   SKY
O. Henry's stories?    IRONICWORKS [most clever theme answer]

I also liked "Some booth occupants" for DINER because booths are found in diners.

Some nits to pick:

"Night light" for NEON suggests they are used especially at night, but in reality neon lights are frequently on in the day, viz. Las Vegas and the local pharmacy.  The advantage of neon is that it can be seen during the day.  Any light, after all, could be called a night light.  How about "Gas light" [two words]?

"Ideal for Joshua trees" for ARID uses the adjective, but the noun aridity seems called for.


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