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LAT Thu. 7/23 Taken by Dan Naddor's Puzzle


I was less taken by the theme, expressions derived from take, than the diversity of entries.  I am impressed by the wide knowldege on which contructors call to develop their puzzles.  Today's puzzle seems particulalrly wide-reaching. 

This grid contains 127 entries, and discounting everyday words and expressions, I have noted the following 21 categories into which the rest of the entries belong.  The number to the right is the number of references in each category or subject.

sports  7 [3 or 4 of these did not have to be sports entries]
slang  4
music  3
geology  4
geography  2
literature  3
foreign language  3
animals    3
movies  2
business  2
anatomy  1
mythology  1
art  1
history  1
orthograhpy  1
TV  1
physics   1
cooking  1
architecture  1
journalism  1
construction  1


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