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LAT Tue. 7/21 Bruce Venzke


Muzak or "elevator music" removes all tension from music rendering it a virtual non-entity.  I suppose it is done on purpose, though what that purpose is is not entirely clear.  And I suppose this puzzle (and yesterday's) is the same: it's here, but hardly noticeable.

Hardly noticeable.  There was "Fake drake" for DECOY, and that was a plus --- the only one.  But there was:
"Da" and NYET
"Cinco y tres" for OCHO

This puzzle had a French word, two Russian words, a Yiddish word, and five Spanish words.  I'm not sure why, and while I'm no xenophobe, I think Xwords, with an ocassional exception, should be done in English. (OLLA, LOUPE, and PER SE are English words --- with a decided foreign caste.)


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