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LAT Sat. 7/18 Doug Peterson



"Fuji setting"    FSTOP [Fuji being the film company]
"Fictional Queen"   ELLERY [note capital Q]
"Row starter"    HOE [I was thinking row, as in fight]
"Soul predecessor"   RANDB [rhythm and blues]

Picking up on a discussion a few days ago about foreign terms, LAGO was clued today by "Vacacion destination" [accent over 'o' in "vacacion"].  This would be a term the inclusion of which is admittedly moot.  I would allow it, though, because "Lago" is part of many place names.

Beatnik Maynard G. KREBS of the "Dobie Gillis" TV show is an interesting choice.  Certainly the Krebs Cycle is an important scientific discovery, but science is mostly avoided in Xwords, and the beatnik is funnier.  I'd have gone with the TV character also, but there really is a need to to test the mettle of us arts majors a bit more lest we become too proud of how much (but really how little) we know.


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