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LAT Sun. 7/12 David Levinson Wilk



"Terific service"    ACE [tennis serves are called "service"]
"Gross income source?"   PORN
"Dash indicator"    OILGAUGE [I was thinking punctuation]
"Conductor whose name is spelled with two musical syllables"    SOLTI
"Man of steel?"   BESSEMER [the Bessimer process]
"It can make a racket"   CATGUT [some tennis strings are so made; most are man-made]
"Where sleeping dogs lie?"    FOOTREST [dogs is slang for feet]
"Boxer, e.g.: Abbr."    SEN [Sen. Barbara Boxer]
"It's a wrap"   SARI

Very clever theme: the answer describes the letter clue as it is used in the answer.  I particularly liked FOREGONECONCLUSION for "E" and GRANDFINALE for "D."  The only problem is that MALCOMINTHEMIDDLE is not a common expression as are all the others; it's a title.  But still, it is most familiar. 

What is rapa nui?

Eric Maddy:
"Rapa Nui" is the Polynesian name for both (a) Easter Island, and (b) the native people of Easter Island.

Thanks, Eric.


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