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Looking for searchable database software for British-style puzzle


I am looking for constructor software that allows for a completely customizable database. I need to be able to search a database of single-theme words of my input by letter placement (i.e., seven letter word: third letter must be an "a" and fifth letter a "t"). And, it must work on a Mac platform. Who can direct me, please?

Is it necessary that you use desktop software for this purpose? Both cruciverb and Xwordinfo offer this functionality:

Is the problem that you want to be able to search your own list of words? In that case, I'd suggest installing the cheapest possible database for the Mac and loading your word list into it.


"The Crossworders' Dictionary and Gazetteer" version 5 will allow you to generate a 50,000 word private dictionary with full letter search. Also included is a two million word dictionary and gazetteer. There is a PC and a Mac version (Mac App store). Go to Mac App Store and use the search word "crossword". Get full details at


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