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LAT Fri. 7/3 Jeff Chen


This puzzle was a delight.  The removal of "in" in the long answers and replacing it with the key noun, places the noun literally in the answer --- clever.  And there were so many
"Remote location?"    SOFA
"Musician's forte?"   LOUD [forte means loud]
"Hot rod rod"   AXLE
"Green dispenser"    ATM
"Thumb"    HITCH [...a ride.  I was thinking nouns.]
"Corn site"   TOE
"Blue books?"   SMUT [not the college test variety]
"Debugging application?"    DEET [active ingredient in insect repellant]
"Pitches between innings?"    ADS

I noted two sets of answers which might have been linked:  APERY and MIMIC [copy]; OAKY and CASK [wine].

I loved this puzzle despite its use of ACER which is never used in tennis.  As I mentioned about a month ago, ACER is a major computer company.


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