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Making .puz files with Across Lite on Mac OSX Lion


Since upgrading to Across Lite version 2.1 for Mac OSX Lion, I am unable to create .puz files. The instructions supplied by Literate Software simply do not work. According to those instructions, I should be able to open my old text files, which I once used to create .puz files using an older version of Across Lite, but when I try to do that here's the resulting error message: "Unable to open crossword -- This may not be [a] valid Across crossword or it may be corrupted." I tried editing the text files in TextEdit to conform to the new version 2 of text files, with the same result. I even took the sample file from the instructions, cut and pasted it into a text file, and again achieved the same result. There's not much available support from LS.

Hi Gary,

If it helps, you can create .puz files with, which also supports import of a text format (.xpf documented on


Another person pointed out that the problem is rectified in the latest version of Across Lite, Mac v2.2. I tried that and it worked. Thanks!


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