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LAT Sat. 6/28 Barry C. Silk



"Bacon bit?"    ESSAY [Francis Bacon]
"Unlawful firing?"    ARSON
"Have a moving experience?"    RELOCATE

I appreciate a puzzle with multiple references to a wide vartiety of topics, and this one has just that.  I found two references to Shakespeare, three references to the Bible, four to pop music, two to science, and seven to the political [if you count RADS and REB].  NB: AWEEK could also have been a pop song reference if Barry referred to the Beatles song, "Eight Days a Week," but I'm glad he went with Othello.  He could have had yet another if he used ODE for "Ode to Billy Joe."  And still another if he had "At the HOP" by Danny and the Juniors.  This could go one with SHINE (on Harvest Moon), OPUS (Number One), and EVER (My Love).  What did I miss?

I got a kick out of seeing "The Last SUPPER" crossed with SPIDERMAN.


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