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I just tried to register Cruciverbalist Pro for Mac and got sent an email that the company (Kagi) is no longer selling it.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a decent construction tool that will work with Macs? I would really appreciate any advice.


On Oct. 28th, CrossOver Pro was offered for free (1 day only) on the CodeWeaver's site. I'm currently trying it with CrossWord Compiler 7 on my Intel MacBook and it seems to be working very well. I realize that this is a couple of days too late for you get a free copy of CrossOver, which is emulation software that lets Windows software run on a Mac w/o requiring a copy of Windows, but both Crossover and CrossWord Compiler have trial periods that let you evaluate the software. You might find that they serve your needs. Of course, if not, you can buy a copy of Windows and  install VMware Fusion or Parallels Desktop. Those two run CC just fine according to the CC website.

There is a serious lack of good crossword software for the Mac. I wish someone would create some but until then are some not-too-clumsy alternatives.
If you have any other Q's, I'll try to help.

joon pahk:
i use crossfire, which is cross-platform (mac, windows, linux). it's a very nice program; in particular, the user interface for filling a grid is really, really good. it costs $50, although you can download a free evaluation version that is fully-featured but will only run for 1 hour (and doesn't let you save). check it out.


Thanks so much both of you. I'd just about given up.

I'm trying CC8 with CrossOver and there's a bug or two... is it possible to get CC7 still?


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