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LAT Sun. 6/14 Will Nediger


Lots of Good Ones!
"Pickup trick"   LINE [if it's a good one]
"Priceless?"   FREE
"Development sites"    WOMBS
"Net grazers"   LETS [tennis do-over]
"Small wrapper?"   ELF [a tough one]
"Tip of Massachusetts"    ONEILL
"Big cat sign"    LEO [astrological sign: I first thought Catepillar tractors but "cat" is lower case]
"Delivery notice?"    ITSABOY
"Moat site"   ZOO [I was thinking castles]
"Peaked"   ILL [two-syllables]

Some interesting duos:
"Development sites" and "Delivery notice?"
"Hardly a knockout" + "Knockouts attract them" 
POPGUN + SODAPOP [both "pops" are rare today]
HERMAN + COREA [Big Band Era musicians]

Never heard of Bill Murray's ZISSOU flick and suspect I may have been lucky.
Crossing two variants, SHERDS and POROSE, is an oddity.
I've heard "El Cheapo" but never CREEPO.  Sounds like Valley Girl dialogue in a teen movie.


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