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LAT Fri. 6/12 Robin Stears


Is it me, or are these getting tougher?  I'm not complaining, mind you; I did this in ink with no write-overs.  It's just taking a bit longer.

In any case, difficulty is not the same as creativity, and this puzzle  seems more intent on being challenging than being clever.  Perhaps they're the same thing, but in my view, a clever clue is one whose answer surprises the solver or offers an unusual answer to a given clue. 

For example, Robin gives us "'___ home?'" for ANYONE.  But anyone who saw Ferris Beuhler's Day Off will recall how funny the term "Anyone?" was in in Ben Stein's class.  Or for ARMS clued by "___ race" the clue could more intersetingly have been something about Venus DeMilo.

Still, the puzzle has its pluses.  I liked "Fresh approach?" for SASS, and I thought MICROMINISTRY was fun.


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