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LAT Thu. 6/11 James Sajdak



"___long way: last"   GOA
"Target's target, say"   LOGO [Target dept. store]
"Comic's banes"   HECKLERS [you'd best not overlook the apostrophe]
"Resort with moguls"   SKIAREA [both defs. of moguls work]

Some nits to pick:

"Loud speaker" for ORATOR should be "Stentor."  Orators are not "loud" by definition.
"One sitting in your lap, perhaps" for TOYDOG is weak because we don't use the term "toy dog"; we say "toys."  (It's possible, I guess, to say toy dog to differentiate it from a toy bitch.)  A better clue would be "Found on a kid's bed, perhaps."

I think "Training site?: Abbr." for STN refers to stations or areas in gymnasia.


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