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SPAM is back?

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For all puzzle discussions I see nothing but hundreds of prescription meds. ads.   >:(  Anyone else?

Seems spam is too tough to remove, but I wonder why no mention of it appears on the site.

Seems that "Today's Puzzles" is the only forum getting hit with spam. Why not close it and start a new one, like "Daily Puzzles?"

I don't know what the issue is. As an admin, I can remove small amounts of spam, but removing the huge quantities under the "Today's Puzzles" forum is far too much for me to handle. I don't have permissions to delete users, so I can't stop the spambots from hitting the place.

I've requested help from Kevin (site owner) but no response... I think he must be too busy to do anything about it right now :(

Nice to see that "Today's Puzzles" is back!  Thanks!  :)


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