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Hello to all, I've just joined.  My creds - had a puzzle in the Sunday NYT.  I actually prefer designing acrostics, and I published them for many years in a scientific journal.  I joined this site to see what resources are available here for acrostic-makers, - but there aren't any!  I can't find anything in this entire forum when I search on "Acrostic" .  I'd like recommendations for software, buyers and prices, sympathy, etc. Do y'all have something against acrostics?

My guess is there's a more limited market for acrostics. I've only ever seen them in the NY Times every other Sunday, and they're always written by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon.

But...there's a scientific journal that publishes acrostics? Which one?

Pi Mu Epsilon (a math honors society) publishes math-themed acrostics in their issues.

Cool!  Do you know how I could get a copy (with answers! :D) ?



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