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--- Quote from: OneAcross on November 29, 2009, 09:49:57 AM ---So if anyone knows where I can find some GOOD, HOPEFULLY FREE word lists I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

--- End quote ---

One place to find words is by searching for password dictionaries. 

I took a dictionary from an anagram program and deleted out everything that Word said it didn't know.

Don't limit your searches to *crossword* lists.

Dumb question:  Why not register for cruciverb-l list and post it yourself?  That way you can see the responses.

Matt Skoczen:
Not a dumb question, I am a member of C-L. I get all the e-mails and posts. It's just that when I post an e-mail--i.e., send a question--it always appears empty on the other side. I tried again twice this week. It never happened before but within the last year it always does. Yet, individual e-mails to C-L people via the list are readable. I can't figure it out and I am not a computer tech person at all.

Thanks for thinking of me though.

I'm just happy to be back into the swing of things. I missed the fun creating, selling, and solving I did. :)



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