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LAT Tue. 6/2 Joy C. Frank


The "Triple Crown," "triple space," and "triple play" idea was most original and fun to work out.  But "triple time" is not three-quarter time, the waltz rhythm.  I don't know what would work with TIMETIMETIME except perhaps "Sunday or holiday pay."
Poe's poem "Bells" has the line "Time, time, time in a sort of runic rhyme," but that doesn't fit in with the theme.  I love that line though.    :)

I had the same reaction to "TIMETIMETIME", but according to the Wikipedia article on "Time Signatures",
"Time signatures indicating two beats per bar (whether simple or compound) are called duple time; those with three beats to the bar are triple time."

Also I have a quibble on cluing.  "TEEN" is clued as "Reader of Seventeen" violating the rule against using the answer in the clue.

Thanks for informing me about time signatures about which I know less than I should. :)


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