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Hi Lyell,

That's great, thanks for your interest!  Can you contact me with your e-mail address so I can provide you a copy of the program and some beta-testing guidance?

- Peter

Hi all,

A few months back I posted here about new software I'm working on -- software that I hope will make it easier than ever before to write crossword puzzles.

By now, Crossword Studio is refined enough for a broader group of people to kick the tires and take it for a spin.  Please check it out at

I'm excited to hear feedback from anyone and everyone who has the time to give it a try.  Any feedback or suggestions are helpful, of course, but what I'd most like to know is:

* Is anything confusing or hard to figure out?  Or using odd terminology?
* What's missing?  Are there things that you basically can't do without?
* Could this become an improvement to the way you write crossword puzzles today?  If not, what could change that?
Thanks to those who helped me test the earlier version last spring, and thanks in advance to those who can send feedback on this newer version now!

- Peter

Count me in. When will the Mac version be available?

For those interested in the Mac version -- I'm happy to say it's available for download now:

Please tell me what you think!

- Peter

Peter, I'm a total beginner at constructing, but have been trying your software on a Windows XP machine for a couple of weeks.  The only tiny glitch I have found is that when opening a file, double clicking doesn't work.  I still have to click on the Open button.

Can you give me some idea how the available word list compares to that found in other programs?  If I have enough success in making crosswords to encourage me, I will be purchasing software at some point.  Am I right in thinking that the word list is a big part of the software's usefulness?

Thank you very much for making your program available for trial.



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