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Author Topic: New release of Lexahedron; solicitation for puzzles  (Read 1563 times)

John R. Conrad

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New release of Lexahedron; solicitation for puzzles
« on: December 03, 2011, 07:37:30 AM »
Constructors, Please Note:
   If you were frustrated by our old construction system for Lexahedron puzzles, take a look at what's new.  We're looking for more puzzles to populate a Lexahedron Puzzle Store coming soon!

New release of Lexahedron available online
     Two weeks ago we uploaded to the website a new build of the Lexahedron app and a revised Construction Manual with accompanying new .ccw construction templates. We are grateful to Harvey Estes who brought to our attention several features of Crossword Compiler that made possible a new, greatly simplified method for dealing with clueing Lexahedron seam words. Additional improvements to the app include a bomb-proof word wrap algorithm for the clue display columns, new diagnostics in the Import Puzzle routine to aid troubleshooting for constructors, and provision for deleting user-constructed puzzles.

New users
     If you are installing Lexahedron for the first time, simply download the app and the new construction files.

Existing users
     If you have already installed Lexahedron, please, before installing the new version, launch the old app, and make sure that puzzle No. 9 "It'z Eazy" is NOT the active puzzle. The new release has a new version of that puzzle to illustrate the new construction techniques. If the old version is currently running, the app will take two launches to get started; the first launch will crash the app, but a second launch will reset the input preferences file and all will be well from then on.

Solicitation is seeking open submissions of original, interesting and lively themed, high quality puzzles for it's new three-dimensional online crossword website. Constructors familiar with Crossword Compiler will find that the Lexahedron Construction Manual (which can be downloaded at allows Lexahedron puzzles to be constructed in a very straightforward manner.   
   Specifically, is seeking themed 7x7x7 puzzles with fresh themes and high quality craftsmanship.  Difficulty level is Tuesday-Wednesday for the most part, and breakfast table rules definitely apply!
   Constructors are strongly encouraged to run the puzzle idea by the editor prior to beginning construction; please supply the puzzle title, the theme entries and their clues. Puzzles should be submitted as Crossword Compiler files by e-mail to The constructor must certify that the work is original, and that all rights, including first rights are owned by Lexahedron. Payment of $200 will be made upon final acceptance.


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