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LAT Sun. 5/3 Gail Grabowski


"Rub the right way"    MASSAGE
"Seasonal dancing center?"    MAYPOLE
"Like many families"   TWOCAR
"Examined by the doctor"   SEEN
"Gray area?: Abbr."    ANAT
"It's a wrap"   SHAWL
"Bee's charge?"   OPIE  [tough because it's Aunt Bee, not Bea]

SEM for semenary is like yesterday's SER for sermon: common, but weak.  SEM could be standard error of measurement for the statisticians among us.  SER means to be in Spanish.

"Track long shots" for NAGS is inopportune.  Yesterday's Derby winner was 50-1 and hardly a nag.

I graduated from college in the '60's, and I recall be-ins and sit-ins, but not a LIEIN (though sometimes arrestees would lie down).  Sounds like a political gathering.    :)


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