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Across Lite <DOWN> header


When I try to load the attached text file into Across Lite, I get this error message: "<DOWN> header not found where expected." I've scrutinized the file to the extent I know how; looked for extra spaces, tabs, etc. Created the file a second time from scratch. I'm missing something, but I can't find it. If you can help me here, I will certainly appreciate it -- 'cause if I don't fix this one, it'll pop up again. (And it you should fix it and look at the puzzle, be advised that I know that this puzzle breaks lots of "rules"; on purpose.) Thanks.

Alex Boisvert:
I think the underscores in the solution grid are the problem.  Try replacing them with, well, something else.

Thanks, Alex. I'll try that.

(I should have tried it before replying....) Yup. Works!


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