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CW Compiler has a mind of its own HELP


I use the grid library and add my own entries.  Suddenly, randomly, when entering a word, CCW will change it to a black square.  Yikes, this causes lots of problems.  I have looked in the help guide and am at a loss.  Has anyone had this problem?  I suspect it is in settings . . . ?

Are you hitting the space key? That makes the square black.

No, I don't think so.  Using my mouse, I click on the white square, hit a letter and the square turns black.  Not only that, sometimes is will also turn a different square black as well.  But it is usually very hard to see which squares have turned.  I've been using the program for about a month and just began to have this problem a couple of days ago.  It's creating havoc.  I'll wait a few days and then might contact Anton.


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