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LAT Sun. 4/26 Norm Guggenbiller


Good Ones!"'Sorry'"    NOSOAP
"Bummed"    SCROUNGED (when was the last time you saw that word?)
"One with a take-out order?"    HITMAN
"History or mystery"   GENRE

I love puns, so this was fun for me.  I particularly liked MASHHYSTERIA and ATOUCHOFCLASH.

Wasn't wild about "Perfection symbol" for TEN since I don't see the numer as a symbol.  A better clue might be "Perfection, at times."

Nor did "Unlikely protagonist" for NONHERO sit right with me.  I'm not sure non-hero is a ligit word, but if it were, it would not be defined that way.  A protagonist is a leading character or hero(ine), so a non-hero could not possibly be a hero (protagonist.) Unlikely suggests it is possible for a non-hero to be a hero. A better clue might be "A minor character" or "Not the protagonist."  :)


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