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LAT Tue. 4/21 Gail Grabowski


Gail gave us a covert themed puzzle.  BEND, SQUAT, and STOOP are found in two thirteen- and one fifteen-letter answer.  But why is there no unifying clue?   It would have been relatively easy to use LOW clued "Not erect, and a clue to the long answers."  In the upper right of the grid, the changes needed to use LOW would be:
9 ACROSS:   FOCAL        10 DOWN: ORO16 ACROSS: ORONO       12 DOWN: ANO 19 ACROSS: ROLOW       13 DOWN: LOW
For the hopelessly lame, Rolow is a rapper who's known among the cognoscenti as "King of the hill."  [Lower case H for some reason.]  I had to Google him.

I liked PERRYCOMO and would be nifty with ROLOW.   :)


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