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LAT Fri. 4/17 Daniel A. Finan


GOOD ONES!"Floor covering"   WAX
"Touchy?"    TACTILE
"Pooh pooh-bah"   MILNE [but author's are hardly pooh-bahs]
"Grocery section"   AISLE

A most clever theme: ITSNOTYOUITSME is the theme indicator wherein the ME in the answer if changed to U makes a new phrase.  Mount of Olives, A Boy Named Sue, and Bank fraud are the phrases that could be made by exchanging ME with U.

I don't care for "Old-timey 'not'" for NARY.  Nary means "not one."  We don't say "you are nary my friend" or "nary if I can help it" or "I will nary go."  The final y doesn't make things better because there is no word timey.  Still it was a clever puzzle.  :)


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