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how do you publish a puzzle to a personal blog?


I understand that the full version of Crossword Compiler allows you to upload puzzles to the web, so that people can view and solve them online.  What I want to know, however, is if it's possible to take the published puzzle and put it into a personal blog.  I don't mean just the puzzle, but the Java applet that allows people to solve it online.

For example, is there a way to put the Java applet for one of my crosswords into MySpace, or Facebook?  I imagine one would need the HTML coding for that to work.

Can a tech-savvy cruciverbalist help me?


By the way, if it helps to know, I have Windows Vista.


I am trying to figure out the same question. Crossword Compiler has two web export functions under "File"-->"Web Export". The first, "Publish to the web...", sends the puzzle into some kind of database page. The applet can apparently be run from there but I don't think you can move it out to a different site. The second option under the same menu, "Export files..." gave me slightly better results, in that it generated the html files to upload to a website of my choosing.

At this point though, I'm stuck--I tried Facebook but couldn't find a way of uploading html files (I don't have MySpace so I don't know if it's the same case over there). There must be a way to upload them on a independent personal blog as opposed to a social networking site, e.g. via Typepad (used by B.E. Quigley) or Blogger, but I haven't looked into it further. If anybody has further advice on this part please do share. I'm also interested to know if anyone has successfully used Facebook as a platform for interactive crosswords; it sounds technically feasible but maybe I just didn't look in the right place.


David Nikithser:
I have a few of my puzzles available on my blog at - it's powered by Wordpress, so I just upload the AcrossLite/Word/PDF files to my web server and create links on my "puzzles" page.

Basically, you need a blog service that allows files that have been uploaded to be accessed as links on the page.

Hope this helps!

You have to construct the puzzle and then find the steps to publish it on web once you are done with it.


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