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I never made a puzzle with so few blocks, so I'm impressed by this effort, but today I have some nits to pick and a pet peeve to stroke.  Forgive me.

"Jobs for teens" is the clue for SITTERS, but sitters is not the job; they are the teens.  The clue might better be "Teens at work, sometimes."

"Like Friday or June" for SIXTH is a bit farfetched, and I might have gone with "____ sense" or "Kind of sense."

"ONERS" is a word I encounter only in Xwords.  It should be banned.

I just don't get "Brown, but not white?" for IVY.

I always thought Fala was a Scottish terrier.  Perhaps ABERDEEN is like using Alsatian for German Shepherd.  But I don't recall having heard of an Aberdeen despite watching the Westminster dog show every year.  Live and learn.

I liked "Seinfeld's apartment, maybe" for SET.    :)

I think the SIXTH clue was appropriately tricky for Saturday.
And Brown refers to Brown University, an Ivy League school.

I thought that, but I don't get "white."  There are brown and white pelicans, but not brown and white schools.  And, ivy is a plant; ivy league refers to to schools. 

I didn't find SIXTH unduely difficult, just not terribly good. :)


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