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No LA Times puzzle

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Kevin, there is no puzzle for today, October 18, on the archive calendar which I access through WIJ Puzzle Pointers.  It's just not in bold on the calendar, so it's not a question of asking for it to be e-mailed, which worked wonderfully with the SUN puzzles.

FWIW, if you're ever in a pinch, you can always get the current LA Times daily puzzle, and past 30 days, for free directly from the LA Times website; I think no registration is necessary:

The downside is that it uses the Uclick Flash media applet, which to my taste isn't nearly as nice as Across Lite (font choice not always the best, can't configure puzzle location on print.) That said, it prints out a workable puzzle for those times when the Across Lite version isn't available. Also, they have a calendar puzzle on Sundays that I don't think is available as an Across Lite through Cruciverb.

The puzzle is there now. Still haven't fixed the script that moves it, I've been dealing mostly with the Sun issues. Gonna fix the LAT issue now.

- km

Thanks, people, very much.

joon pahk:
the LAT puzzle seems to be missing again today, as of 11:50 am eastern.


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