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LAT Tue. 4/7 Don Gagliardo


     What I like particulalrly about this puzzle is the number of different topics covered by the clues.  From rap (DEFJAM) to opera (LEONTYNE), there are entries that span the universe of general knowledge.  Also covered is:  TV, movies, politics, commerce, food, geography, literature, science, and sports.  There may be more. 
    I have no idea how I knew DEFJAM, but somehow I did.  The same for ALBUNDY; I never saw the show, but the name stuck after having read about the series in which he was the leading chracter.   And I don't know how I know what "six-pack abs" means.  Maybe it was from some TV commercial that subliminally attached leech-like onto my brain. 
    At my age it's good to know that at least I've managed to retain some of my recall ability of items that exist outside of my immediate sphere.  I wish I had retained my hair to the same degree.   :)

I'm new to this part of the site (and I may regret it given some past experiences with on-line DG's   ;) ) but I just love the LAT puzzles and today's was no exception.  They are often bright and cheery, progressively harder and I guess currently not up to their usual snuff for the weekenders due to syndication, I have heard.

I really like the inclusion of more pop culture, movies music, TV and the like and they don't seem to take themselves as seriously as the NYT which gets pedantic, obscure, almost mean and pissy (I hope I can say that without offending, but it seems right) at times and really heavy on specific datum such as religious trivia/ tedium as well as fairly deeply into literatures of all sorts.

I have a lot of fun with these puzzles and am really glad they are so easily available on here.


Welcome, Bill---

What are online DG's?


Sorry, DG is a discussion group, most commonly like this one where posts are placed linearly.

Some folks manners seem to go out the window on the internet.

And I might add that this group seems pretty mannerly so far.  I think one needs a thick skin on the internet as one converses with others you will likely never meet, no less don't know and without face-to-face experience, it is very easy to misunderstand another person's intent.


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