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LAT Wed. 4/1 Pancho Harrison


A Definite Literary Cast:
"'Bus Stop' playwright";       "1965 film based on a Porter novel";
"Clytemnestra's son";           "Butler of fiction";
"'Golden Boy' dramatist"

Good Ones!"Pisa dough?"   EURO
"Like some cows"   SACRED
"Place for a lace"    EYELET

Today's "covert" theme makes sense since it's APRIL FOOLS DAY.

I don't know what a 5-point K is (TILE).

I thought it might be a reference to a Scrabble tile, but a "K" tile is worth 3 points.

Sorry, I was looking at the wrong language.  In English, a "K" tile *is* worth 5 points.

Thanks.  I haven't played Scrabble in years but I should've thought of it.  It's kind of like taking a test, having the answer, and still not getting it.   :-[


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