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Al McCartan:
All is well.   When I converted over, I apparently hit too many radio buttons, thiking that was reqiured.   I then just used the Across Lite button and Bingo!  it all came out.
Now! how do I send it to Cruciverb for crit?

Al, when you post, note that on the bottom left of the posting panel there's a + with the words Additional Options.  Click there and that will give you the opportunity to attach a puzzle.  You should do this in the Post a Puzzle forum rather than here.


Al McCartan:
Thanks for all of your help and advice, Lyell

I know this post is a little late, in that a solution has been found. I just don't have the time to visit all the forums as often as I'd like.

But, for my own information, I would just like to know if the original problem may be because <down> was in lower case instead of <DOWN> in UPPER CASE? I know Across Lite is very particular about these things.

Just askin'


That could be one of the problems. The other main problem is the grid size is specified as 15 x 15, so you need to have 15 lines of 15 chars each in the grid section. You only have 9 lines from what I can see in the post.

 ^*^ Gene ^*^


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