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LAT Wed. 3/25 Jack McInturff


"Realize" for REAP is a smart clue --- less expected.
I got fooled initially by "Eight bits."  I had the B from CUBE, so I thought BUCK, figuring that if two bits equals a quarter, eight would equal a dollar.  Wrong!

I have enjoyed a number of early James Bond films, and have seen a few of them twice, but I can't recall any but Dr. No in a 70's Nehru.  No, I never wore one.

Despite the earlier reference to 007, I'd have gone with "English John" for IAN.

I suppose APER is a word, but I never saw or heard anyone use it, except for Xword constructors.  I'd change APER to APED (and USER to USED) because aped is used in the real world.   :)


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