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One way to create Across Lite (.puz) puzzles with "circles in squares"


(There may be a better way, but I never found it)

These instructions also cover rebus puzzles, et. al. (see pages 6-9):

For any CC8 users who haven't yet encountered this issue, Crossword Compiler 8 supports circles-in-squares when creating a puzzle but it cannot export those circles to Across Lite/,puz format -- the circles are lost in the export.

I've only been able to create puzzles with circles-in-squares for Across Lite using this method:

* Export the clues and puzzle from CC8 to plain text
* Manually create a text file according to the instructions in the pdf above
* Open the txt file in Across Lite, and save as puz format
Maybe this will help someone else (I suffered a bit to get to a solution).


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