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Sonny Thorgren:
Hi! I create swedish crosswords - since I live and work in Sweden as a professional puzzle maker. Sometimes i wonder if there would be a market for my work outside of Sweden, which is why I decided to look for info regarding this on the Internet. I found this site and hope to learn more since I know practically nothing about it. If I could I would try to create crosswords in english but I realize I do not have the ability needed to do that. It is simply to tricky to create good crosswords in a foreign language if you are not exceptionally gifted at it. Which I am not...

Do you think it would be possible to sell swedish crosswords to magazines in your country? It seems to me this should attract at least the swedishspeaking readers. I would appreciate all info regarding this topic.


First thing I thought would be for educational purposes. Maybe puzzles for students learning the Swedish language. You could have puzzles that use easier words as their clues for beginning students, etc.


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