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LAT Fri. 3/18 Dan Naddor



Present opening?   OMNI
Met expectations?   OPERA
Band aid?   AMP [oldie but goodie]
Bank deposit?   SILT
Target of a military press?   DELT [press=weight-training term]
Theme: removing “ing” from phrases yields different ones
Versace creation?   ITALIANDRESS
Plant at Sotheby’s   BRITISHSHILL
Investment in fine fabric?   SILKSTOCK
Pleasure trip, and a hint to…   OUTING [that is, ING is out]

RATING:  ;D ;D ;DThree grins = Excellent: Loved it; Two grins = Good: Enjoyed it; One grin = Satisfactory: A bit bland for my taste; One teardrop = Unsatisfying: No fun


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