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joon pahk:
i'm having trouble accessing the LAT puzzle archive. clicking the link just takes me back to the cruciverb main page.

also, i've noticed that the puzzle links on the front page change to "tomorrow" at 11 pm (eastern) instead of midnight. is this a setting somewhere that i can change?

joon pahk:
weird, the LAT archive seems to work fine now. no idea what was wrong.

i'm still curious about the 11 pm thing, though.

I'm having the same problem with the LA Times Archive link, and just about any link on the right side of the "Home" page, including the "LAT Help" link.  I click on it, and it downloads a bunch of stuff, then simply displays the "Home" page again. 

Also - sometimes, when I try to get the LA Times AcrossLite puzzle, I get a "You don't have permission" error (which is why I was trying to retrieve the LAT Help page).  Today, I received this error on several attempts, then went to the LA Times website and solved the puzzle using the flash app, then came back here and was able to download the across lite puzzle without error.  Anyone have suggestions about what I'm doing wrong?


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