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Where Art Thou "FLIES" Puzzle?


It was stated in an interview w/ Joe Krozel that there was a "FLIES" puzzle that Todd Gross created as a spoof to Joe Kro's "LIES" puzzle... Does anyone know where I can find & view this "FLIES" puzzle?

It's attached.  See

Thanks for providing that link... So, from my understanding, that particular puzzle was not published by any newspapers, just online - Is this correct?

Todd G:
Hi, Word-Weaver, this is Todd Gross.  Thank you for your interest in my FLIES parody.

An interview by Jim Horne of my first NYT puzzle gives the history of the FLIES puzzle: I tried the idea on Will, he said no, Ashish Vengsarkar suggested giving it out at the ACPT, so we did that.  And Jim made an online version available to go with the interview.

Here's the link to the Wordplay interview:



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