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Can anyone recommend an online - or application - grid generator? I'm thinking of a program that would allow one to input grid parameters (number of words, lengths of words, number of letters, etc.) and then create conforming blank 15x15 grids.

Mel Rosen:
Crossword Compiler for Windows (CCWin) has a feature that might help. (Might be in the CCWin Pro version, not the basic version.) It consists of an expandable library of empty grids. When you start a new puzzle the program shows a panel asking what type of puzzle ... cryptic, "American," Sudoku, shape, etc. If you select "American" and then "15x15" you will see a list of grid parameters on the left with the highlighted one shown in a preview pane. The "Grid Library" pull-down offers sorting-display options, including "number of words and blocks" and "sorted by word lengths." Additionally, you can supply a list of theme entries and CCWin will show you the library grids that can accommodate those entries. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately (at least in this case), I'm on a Mac, using Crossfire. The app is not bad, but it doesn't seem to have a comparable grid generator, and I haven't had any response to two customer support queries. I was hoping to find a Mac-friendly standalone. I suppose I could go to CC, using Parallels Desktop.


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