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Just started new crossword website.  Also, have free Adobe AIR desktop app for playing crosswords. Feedback welcome!

I posted a free crossword app under the Download link on my crossword website:
Uses Adobe AIR.  Install Adobe AIR from here:
If anyone is interested, a crossword making capability can be added.  It is very easy to add new crosswords to the app.  It has a parameter file for loading any number of puzzles. Other feature suggestions are welcome.
P.S. Crossword website can be accessed 
I created this app as part of wedding proposal to my wife  :-) 

Okay cool. I'm really interested in that you created the app. Are you saying you coded the applet? If so, I have a new type of puzzle which I'd like to make interactive. I'll need a program that organizes words and stuff too. What can you do?


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