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Has anyone submitted puzzles to Timothy Parker?  I have submitted several over the past several weeks with no response.  I got his e-mail address from the "publisher specifications" section and was wondering if it is in fact a valid e-mail address.

Any info would be appreciated.


You have the correct e-mail address. Did you check the Publisher Specifications for Timothy? The specs indicate that it's usually a 4 to 6 week wait. I've submitted and received some speedy replies. I've also submitted and waited 8 weeks with no reply. Then I've resubmitted with an explanation and had some success. Patience!

In 2007 I sent two puzzles to Timothy Parker for the first time but never got a reply even though I sent follow-up e-mails.  I withdrew the puzzles and haven't attempted to send anything to him since.  I hope you have better luck than I did.


I've actually had one puzzle published by Mr. Parker. There will not be a second submission.  He's pretty bad with his responsiveness  - so bad, he forgot to pay the fee on mine.  After I reminded him twice, he forgot to respond to my email.  I gave up---don't really need his poor payment anyhow.  Not good!

I often submit puzzles to Timothy Parker and have had 4 published. In October 2009 he sent me an e-mail saying that due to extremely heavy volume, he will not be accepting new submissions for at least six months.
I am not sure when I will start submissions again.


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