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Would you consider the following entry (even if clued well) too obscure for most puzzles? ANGELICAPICKLES

She's a prominent character on Rug Rats.

Soooo, I would have been able to tell you who she was. But I'm fairly young, and I used to watch that show an awful lot when I was a kid. Keeping in mind your target audience, I would say she's too obscure.

That's what I was afraid of. But then again, I do puzzles in the NYT and USA Today, and whenever they have entries pertaining to opera or classical arts, I always feel those are too obscure for me.

do not be quick to judge...i watched Rugrats through my 20s.  it was a popular show and i knew Pickles right away.  besides, parents who watch TV with their kids would know, too.  use the answer.

I never watched the show and wouldn't know her from Angelica Huston, but I would think that it's okay as long as (1) it's crossed well, and (2) it's part of a good theme. Angelica is a guessable name, but Pickles is not without the theme or crosses to help me.  That is, unless the theme were something where "pickles" was important, if the P were crossed with ?ANDO "Tree also known as the trembling giant," I would have no way to know whether her name was Pickles, Rickles, Nickles, etc. (except maybe to guess that a kids show would use Pickles as a name because pickles are funny).  Of course, I'm not the editor, but as a solver, that's where I'd come down.

- VB


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