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I have an idea for a theme puzzle, and I have two 8-letter entries and one central 15-letter entry. Is that a good set, or are the 8's too short?

Nancy Salomon's Sage Advice states that these are good three entry sets: three 15's, two 12-15 letter entries and one 15, and two 14-15 letter entries and one 13.

My opinion is that 31 squares for a theme is too meager. 39+ seems like the minimum for anything but the most extreme of circumstances, but I might be wrong.

I decided to go with two 13s and a 15 instead. I had to lose a great (IMO) 8-letter theme entry, but oh well.

If there's one thing I've learned since picking up this hobby, it's that it never pays to get attached to answers haha.


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