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Info please!


This is my first tine ever using this website and I am really getting into crossword puzzles! I was just curious if anyone can give me any  rules, tips, info etc. About the State puzzle contest. Anything is better than what I know right now! Thankyou!

Todd G:
It's not a contest.  A few years ago, some members of the CRU-L mailing list had the idea of creating a book of crosswords, one (presumably) for each state.

For a while, there was a lot of interest in the group.  Some people calling dibs on certain states, other people discussing licensing and similar issues.  There was enough activity that Kevin decided to create this space in the forum.

But the book never happened, and no one really talks about it anymore.  This forum area should probably be removed.

But one or two of us (including me) created a state puzzle that should still be here somewhere.  In my case, mostly to get people talking about puzzles instead of legal and publishing issues.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


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