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Puzzle on top of cake on my wedding day



I am a daily solver and I have constructed a crossword puzzle of my own.  I am getting married on May 16 and would like my groom's cake to have a crossword puzzle completed on top of it in icing.  The baker just needs a completed grid.  Can someone help me by providing a grid for a puzzle with some or all of the following theme answers?:

pullsomestRINGS (15)
rockofgibrALTAR (15)

selfadMINISTER (14)

fittinGROOM (11)
taxicaBRIDE (11)

disaVOWS  (8)
deFIANCE (8)

I would also be willing to pay for a completed grid using these answers or others that fit the theme of a wedding day.  I realize that 8 letters might be too few for a theme answer.

Thank you.  I prefer an email response to but will check for posts on this site.

I have sent you a crossword grid using some of your theme answers.  Enjoy and congrats on your upcoming wedding :)


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