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I've been having some issues opening and downloading some of the puzzles recently.  Specifically, if I try to open the LAT, CrossSynergy, WSJ, or Chronicle of Higher Education puzzles directly instead of opening the puzzles in AcrossLite it actually opens a new webpage with a bunch of text on it.  If I click Save As then I get a popup message that says, "The name '<<puzzlename>>' appears to have an extension.  Do you want to append ".txt" to the name?

Has anyone else experienced this?  Any suggestions for how to correct the issue?

For what it's worth I am using a MacBook Pro 10.6.5 and Safari 5.0.3.


In case this happens to anyone else I switched to Firefox and was able to download all the puzzles OK. 

I am no longer able to download the CrossSynergy puzzles. I get a 404 page not found error message. The last puzzle that I was able to get was Mar25. I am using Internet Explorer version 8.0.6001.187021C. Is this problem being addressed or is it unique to me?

Thank you for any help you may provide.


On a Macintosh you may get the text which is "raw" Across Lite code. Eliminate the .txt portion and save as .puz. When you get the dialog box asking if you wish to append the .txt just select "don't append" and it will download to the location of your choice.  This has been happening to the LA Times now for quite awhile.  Filer

Bill, you aren't the only one.  Cross Synergy has been returning a 404 error for me since Mar 26, too.


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