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Author Topic: LAT Tue. 12/28 Ed Sessa  (Read 1775 times)


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LAT Tue. 12/28 Ed Sessa
« on: December 28, 2010, 09:38:50 AM »
How Do You Do?

The theme as stated is “do” homophones, but it’s really music.
Beach Boys   [Oldies Rock]
Beethoven’s Third   [Classical]
Sinatra   [Big Band]
EMINEM   [Rap]
SYD Barrett   [Pyschedelic Rock]
Steely Dan   [Classic Rock]
Perry COMO   [Pop]
Rock group   BAND
 8) Ed could have gone with “Ritter of C&W” at 40 Down for TEX and “Big Band man Brown” at 41 Across for LES.

Shredded side   SLAW [side = side order]
Housewarming aid?   STOVE [housewarming spells party: two words needed for heat]
Brief lunch?   BLT
Mont Blanc assent   OUI [not ascent]

RATING:  ;D ;DThree grins = Excellent: Loved it; Two grins = Good: Enjoyed it; One grin = Satisfactory: A bit bland for my taste; One teardrop = Unsatisfying: No fun
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